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Creating sustainable solutions through our Waterborne Polymer Emulsions that are essential to a better, safer, healthier environment for industries globally through an advanced technological range of Textile Process  Printing and Finishing Polymer Emulsions, Paper Coating Chemicals, Paint Polymer Binder Emulsions, Carpet Backing Polymer Synthetic Latex, Garment Printing Stretchable Polymer Inks, Speciality Adhesives for Printing and Packaging, High Performance Woodwork Adhesives, Sprayable Membrane adhesives for Flush Doors, Pressure Sensitive Sticker Adhesives, Polymer Emulsions for Construction and all associated chemicals, Polyurethane Dispersions, U V Surface Coating Polymers, LED Surface Coating Polymers for Print and Pack applications and other coating including Organic Surface active agents and Enzymes and Silicones.

An Introduction 

The Water Borne Polymer Emulsion industry provides an assortment of products which are used in diverse industrial sectors that include textiles, paper, construction, paint, waterproofing, flexible packaging, furniture and furnishing, woven and tufted carpets as well as non woven fabrics and carpets, garment printing and all types of textile printing, electronics, agriculture seed coating, aerospace, and biotechnology. The demand for a number of raw materials like adhesives, construction chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc. is increasing due to the growth of the sector by increasing applications.

We, Mayfair Biotech Pvt. Ltd. are an eminent manufacturer, exporter, importer of an innovative range of Polymer Emulsions such as Carpet Backing Latex, Paper Coating Chemicals, Textile Process and Finishing Polymers, Lacquers for Sealing of Pouches, Thermal Paper Coating Chemicals as well as UV Coating and LED Coating of Printed Surfaces. In addition, we are famous for our Paint Binders, Construction Polymers and Chemicals, Packaging and Laminating Adhesives Wet and Dry, Garment Printing Inks & Chemicals, Organic Surface Active Agents, Sprayable Adhesives and Coatings, Enzymes and Silicones, etc.